Call for Abstract

Call for Abstract

6th SPEG conference invites free paper / scientific research / abstracts to be presented in the conference. The scientific committee shall review each abstract and the presenters shall be notified of the outcomes and successful authors shall be invited to present POSTER papers depending upon originality and appeal of the scientific work.

The deadline for abstracts submission is : 30th September, 2017


Presentation Formats

3 forms of presentations abstracts will be considered for:
  • Oral presentation of articles/research reports
  • Oral presentation of interesting/ complex cases, ethical/clinical dilemmas in the Expert Panel Discussion Sessions
  • Poster presentation during poster presentation tours
Submission Rules
  • Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s).
  • Language: All abstracts are to be written in English. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstracts where the English structure makes comprehension difficult.
  • Submission: All abstracts must be submitted via the Online Abstract Form.
  • Abstracts should be limited to a maximum of 500 words and should include the following: Title of abstract
    • Names and contact details of author(s) organisation, city /country, email, phone numbers, fax numbers and mailing address}. Please indicate the name of the presenting author and provide a 3-line biography.
    • The abstract must include the following headings clearly: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusions (Please provide evidence of ethical approval and funding acknowledgements if any).
    • You will be notified of receipt of your abstract by email. If you do not receive an email within two weeks of submission or if you have any additional queries, please contact
Abstract Categories:
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Case presentation/report.
Theme Options:

For wellbeing of children & adolescents

In relations to childhood diabetes & pediatric Endocrinology

Selection Criteria

Abstracts will be evaluated by the scientific committee through a blind review process and scored based upon the following criteria:

Pertinence:Originality, Actuality, Useful Results

Structure:Introduction, Aim, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion

Oral Presentation:

Selected abstract submissions will be presented during Oral Abstract Sessions. Authors will present their research in a specific topic area, and presentations will be moderated by experts in the field. A Scientific Overview may be included in an Oral Abstract Session, as appropriate, or a moderator may provide a brief translational summary at the close of a session.

Presentation Length

Oral presenters will be allocated 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers with the audience. If the presentation exceeds 10 minutes, the moderator will interrupt, and the Q/A period will be shortened.


We suggest that up to 10 slides is optimal, allowing 1 minute per slide. You may choose to use more than 10 slides, but please be sure to complete your presentation within the allocated 10 minutes.

Please note that corporate logos, QR codes, and bar codes are not permitted on slides for oral presentations at SPEG 2017.

Slide Format

SPEG 2017 will support MS PowerPoint or Apple Keynote only. Please ensure that all presentations are in one of these supported formats. High definition AV will be used for all sessions. Please apply widescreen formatting when preparing your slides (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920 x 1080).

Slide Submission

All presenters should bring their slides to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours in advance of their presentation.

Poster Presentation Specifications:

A poster session is a graphic presentation of an author's research. Authors illustrate their study findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams, and a small amount of text on poster boards.


  • Information should be summarized using brief written statements, graphic materials, such as photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams mounted on standard size poster (84 cm Width x 110 cm Height); pins or other mounting materials will be supplied.
  • Poster orientation must be portrait. Clear labels must be used for each section of the poster.
  • Text should be of sufficient size for easy reading at a distance of 1.5 meter (between 16-20 font sizes)
  • Title must be displayed clearly at the top of the poster and should include the names of the author(s) and the institution(s) of origin

Display & Presentation:

  • Author/s is responsible for mounting and taking down their poster during the conference.
  • Designated times for poster presentations will be incorporated into the conference. Poster tours led by 2 senior Urologists will be allocated to posters.
  • Poster presenters should be available to discuss their posters with the conference participants during these periods and during the coffee breaks.
  • Depending upon the number of poster presentations accepted, posters may be on display throughout the conference

Poster Printing

Presenting authors should print their physical poster based on the requirements listed in the sections above. SPEG 2017 does not print posters on behalf of presenters.

  • 1st July 2017 – Abstracts submission opens
  • 30th September 2017 – Last date for submission of abstracts
  • 15th October 2017 – Presenter will be notified of acceptance

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